How Do You Relieve a Major Material Scheduling Headache?

Keeping up with scheduling changes can get to be overwhelming. It takes a lot of time to get your schedule just right, carefully assigning each raw material according to their availability, order levels, and how much sales you anticipate.

Nevertheless, once you post the schedule, there always seem to be a few demand surges or slumps for which you need to change the schedule for one reason or another. Before long, the clean and neat schedule you posted is full of scratched out lists, now with new delivery schedules, wanting new assigned labor hours and all kinds of confusing notations. The next thing you know, you are overloaded for a busy shift and you dont know who to blame?

A good policy is to minimize managements role in schedule change requests by maintaining an automated Inventory Management System that can assist in simplifying the scheduling process as per requirement, irrespective of the number of re-scheduling. A sophisticated system can alert floor managers when the minimum order levels are met to re-order optimum quantities as and when required with ease and quicker response time. That is, simply placing an entry on their system will trigger directives to appear in respective departments eliminating any confusion and miscommunication that costs business owners more rupees than most anticipate.

Moreover, management can approve these changes in real-time and better analyze any major deviations that directly impact their budgets. The available data at their finger tips makes managers decisions more effective and they are able to better respond to the changing needs of their business.

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