6 Ways to Evaluate Your System

So, millions have already been invested in your desired software solution that was to bring about improvement in the quality of the product offerings, manage resources most efficiently and more importantly improve on those thin margins. But seldom do top bosses evaluate such investments that continue to shape their direction in the race for sustainability.
The possible reason could be top executives’ reluctance to change their existing system based on the misguided principle of ‘not mending until its broken’ and thus creating a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

Also, having made the decision to adopt a system, they may become complacent assuming that it would take care of itself and rarely question their decision out of apprehension of facing the stakeholders.

Such predicament only limits a company’s key decision makers’ vision to think long term and they remain stuck in the situation feeling helpless. If you are facing such a dilemma then you need to start re-accessing your situation and act quickly before it gets too late.

Here are 6 quick ways to find out if you are getting what you desired from your existing systems?

Review #1

What is the real return on our investment today? Do the benefits really outweigh the applied cost?

Review #2

Does our current system really understand our industry and individual requirements or does it simply apply standardized software functions without any relevant customization as per our preferences?

Review #3

Is the system capable of keeping pace with our growth and development? Or is it too outdated to match our growth strategy?

Review #4

Even after spending huge sums as infrastructure costs, how much are we still paying for the ongoing cost to maintain and operate the system?

Review #5

Is the software system easy to use and successfully implemented across all the departments? Or are the front-line managers finding the system complicated and wasting time in comprehending it?

Review #6

 Finally, is the adopted resource planning solution really the right solution for my company or am I stuck with an unsuitable system that is proving to be costly in more ways than I’d imagined?

By asking these questions you can avoid being stuck in your current situation and proactively take steps to guide your company in the right direction.

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